Elaine Page Goes Green With Ireland's EQ Audio & Events

Elaine Page Goes Green With Ireland's EQ Audio & Events

21 March 2009 / For Immediate Release

Dublin-based total production company EQ Audio and Events announce tonight that they are providing full audio production for the upcoming Elaine Paige 40 th anniversary UK tour.

The company are eagerly anticipating the tour, as they are believed to be setting a new benchmark for an Irish PA company – they are the first Irish company to work with a UK artist on a UK based Tour.

For this illustrious tour, EQ Audio and Events will be rolling out an OUTLINE ‘BUTTERFLY’ array PA system. This system was first used by the company for the Oxegen Dance Arena 2008, which boasted some of the world’s best-known DJ’s and turntablists, such as Justice, Calvin Harris and David Guetta, to name but a few. Since their great success at Oxegen ’08, nearly all of EQ Audio and Events’ client base has converted to the ‘BUTTERFLY’ system, with amazing results.

The system which EQ Audio and Events will be utilising for the Elaine Paige tour will consist of 16 BUTTERFLY CHD 483 Mid/High Packs, and 8 OUTLINE SUBTECH Twin 18” sub’s. All of this will be driven by POWERSOFT T-7 amplifiers, to provide the utmost in sound quality and performance for the legendary Paige, noted as the “First lady of British musical theatre”.

Shay Hannon, MD of EQ Audio and Events, adds that the company are “stunned with the power output and size of the PA system” as well as the amazing quality it provides to all gigs. They have recognised this as a vital part of their PA armoury for future events.

EQ Audio and Events will be utilising their DiGiCo inventory to provide control of the show. Front of House will be controlled by DiGiCo’s new SD8. Richard Brooker, heading front of house for the tour, has been very impressed by this system.

When asked his opinion on the ‘BUTTERFLY’, he stated how he had heard good things before touring Ireland about OUTLINE’S BUTTERFLY system, and still he was “astonished” when he heard it for the first time. “It isn’t very often I hear a PA system for the first time and it blows me away,” he stated. “I was instantly excited by how even and smooth its response across the frequency range was”, Brooker remarked.

The powerful sound from this flexible system allows for a very dynamic show. Brooker adds how this system would be as capable “punching out a thrashy rock sound”. When asked his overall opinion, Brooker said “I’ve been completely converted to the system.”

A DiGiCo D1 will be taking up monitor duties, running mixes to L’acoustics XT115 Hi-Q’s, Sennheiser E300 G2 IEM’s and Shure P6-HW IEM’s. John Gale, Elaine’s monitor engineer, says the DiGiCo’s “sound quality and versatility is unbeatable” and can deal with up to “16 IEM’s and ten wedges plus reverbs easily”.

When asked about specific monitoring requirements for Elaine, Gale notes how he suggested she try the DiGiCo route, and how after a short transition with the system, she became completely convinced with the monitoring setup and she has never looked back.

When asked about working with EQ Audio and Events, Gale adds, “EQ Audio have been fantastic for us. We first toured with them in Ireland last year, and they were extremely professional and accommodating, with great attention to detail and always providing us with the exact specification we need.”

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IMAGE 1: Richard Brooker - FOH
IMAGE 2: John Gale - MONS
The DiGiCo sound quality and versatility is unbeatable and can deal with up to 16 IEMs and ten wedges plus reverbs easily
John Gale - Monitor Engineer - Elaine Page