DiGiCo Makes Waves With New SoundGrid

DiGiCo Makes Waves With New SoundGrid

9 June 2010 / For Immediate Release

In the past, live sound engineers have been forced to compromise on their choice of digital console if they wanted to enjoy the versatility provided by Waves plug-ins. But now, DiGiCo offers the best of both worlds with the DiGiCo/Waves SoundGrid – a must for every DiGiCo user and for every Waves enthusiast who wants to hear those acclaimed plug-ins through the best-sounding digital console on the market.

Unlike other options, the DiGiCo/Waves SoundGrid is fully integrated into the console, which will be sweet music to leading engineers who want instant access to the benefits of Waves technology.
DiGiCo’s new SoundGrid provides up to 16 low latency Waves stereo processor racks on the SD8 and SD9 – and up to 32 on the SD7, which is perfect for Front of House or monitor use.

So, with this ground-breaking module added to your console – and linked to an external PC – you can enjoy all the powerful multi-effect engines built into the SD7, SD8 and SD9. Plus, once registered, you’ll be free to use all your Waves TDM plug-ins in the SoundGrid, with the same integrated benefits.

These powerful plug-ins include Mercury, SSL 4000 Collection, GTR3, JJPAnalog Legends, Studio Classics Collection, The API Collection and Gold, while other popular options for your DiGiCo console include L2 Ultramaximizer and C4 Multiband.

In addition to these key benefits, the new DiGiCo SoundGrid is also simple to use. Console-based MultiRack software allows you to set up, control, recall, snapshot and save Waves plug-in configurations processed on the dedicated, rack-mounted external server over a Stealth-Waves Ethernet connection.

The SoundGrid module itself is fitted inside the console to a dedicated expansion port mounted directly on the console’s FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) Stealth engine board, reducing the data path to a minimum for precise timing. It handles the Waves effects routing so the console’s incredible processing power remains dedicated to the task of driving the console and its worksurface.
Better still, the SoundGrid parameters are also duplicated on the console’s touch screen via a dedicated Waves button, allowing you to assign particular plug-ins to the point in the console signal path where you want to use them. Then you can manipulate them using the touch-and-turn function on the desk.

As a fast and intuitive way of working, this takes some beating. And when you decide to save your current configuration, you just need to hit ‘Save’ once, thanks to the seamless integration between the console and the MultiRack. If you’re transferring your session settings to another SD7, SD8 or SD9, you can simply save the console settings onto a memory stick as you normally would, then the console will automatically do the same for your personalised Waves settings.

Offering the perfect combination of console and plug-ins, the new DiGiCo/Waves SoundGrid is causing more than just a ripple. For rental companies stocking DiGiCo SD7, SD8 and SD9 consoles, there is now a library of plug-ins providing added customer value. And even monitor engineers, faced with historic problems of latency in other boards that run plug-ins, can now celebrate as the low-latency of the FPGA-powered system gives them equal bragging rights with Front of House.
And there's more to come. Invest in a DiGiCo SD7 SD8 or SD9 with SoundGrid and you’ll be joining a community of SoundGrid users who will benefit from some hugely exciting developments in the near future, all fully compatible with the new SoundGrid package.

High on the upcoming list are SoundGrid-exclusive live sound plug-ins and other unique effects, which will be made available as downloadable upgrades. So, you can be confident that, as the SoundGrid collection grows in future years, your DiGiCo console will be more than ready to make the most of it!

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