DiGiCo Announces Future Release Of Stealth Core2 For Complete SD Range And A New SD5cs System

DiGiCo Announces Future Release Of Stealth Core2 For Complete SD Range And A New SD5cs System

25 January 2016 / For Immediate Release

ANAHEIM, California - January 2016 -- DiGiCo has announced its intention to release Stealth Core2, an upgrade to its existing Stealth Digital Processing™. Stealth Core2 will release additional processing from the audio core of every DiGiCo SD console, taking the complete range to a new level in terms of both processing channels and functionality, and can be fitted to all existing console surfaces.

This upgrade, which will be available as an option to all existing users, includes a review of the application code, further future proofing existing and new investments in DiGiCo products, and keeping you one step ahead of the rest.

The benefits of Stealth Core2 include:

• A new look application code, which updates the user experience, delivers more processing power and provides a new screen graphical interface.
• Upgraded FPGA processing power that moves the complete range to new levels of processing.
• Full Dynamic EQ on every channel and buss, amongst other previously allocated tools that can be opened across all channels and busses on all SD models.
• An increase in the SD9 channel count from 48 to 96 channels of full processing at 96kHz.
• An increase in the SD7’s total number of processing strips to 600, all at 96kHz, along with several revolutionary features that allow the SD7 to function and perform like no console has before.
• The SD5EX system moves to a higher level, matching that of the current SD7 in terms of connectivity and audio processing, and will deliver more than any other console shipping or announced.

DiGiCo will also be launching a new version of the SD5, the SD5cs, which will offer the same specification as the current SD5, in a MADI only format. This is the first time a multi screen experience with the famous DiGiCo superior audio quality has been available at this price point.

With Stealth Core2 the SD5cs will come with a full complement of Dynamic EQ, multi-band compressors, DiGiTuBe emulators, expanded MADI connectivity plus all the other processing and flexibility you’d expect from DiGiCo's live production experience.

“Our aim has always been to give the ultimate return on investment for our partners; it is more challenging for them now and we have to offer our support with these levels of upgrades,” says DiGiCo Managing Director James Gordon. “This is why we continue to take extra steps to enhance their initial investment over a long and beneficial usage period.”

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