DiGiCo Announces SD9 Stealth Core 2 Upgrade

DiGiCo Announces SD9 Stealth Core 2 Upgrade

1 March 2016 / For Immediate Release

With the NAMM announcement of DiGiCo’s Stealth Core 2 upgrade, you will soon be able to upgrade your current SD9 with the latest processing and application code. This upgrade will be an option for the company’s SD series digital mixers and is due to be released this summer across the range.
Whilst the external architecture of the SD9 remains in its familiar form, Stealth Core 2 will open up a massive additional amount of processing ability, thereby taking the complete range to a new level of processing and flexibility. The SD9 upgrade will include:
An increase from 48 channel strips to 96
An increase from 24 output busses to 48 + Master + 12 x 8 Matrix
An increase from 8 to 154  DiGiTuBes
An increase from 8 to 154  Multiband Dynamic options
An increase from 8 to 154  Dynamic EQ’s
Digital FX rises from 8 to 12 units
Control Groups rises from 8 to 12 to control the increased channel count
“Being able to expand not only the features, but the audio processing in the SD range consoles, is really allowing our customers to gain more value from their existing and future investments” confirms James Gordon, Managing Director, “In fact we are even going to apply discounts to the upgrade to make it even more accessible for all our existing clients who have been loyal to the DiGiCo brand.”
The SD9 Core 2 upgrade option will be available at a list cost of £750, with discounts offered to existing DiGiCo customers.


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