DiGiCo Delivers SD10 RE Assurance At PL+S 2015

DiGiCo Delivers SD10 RE Assurance At PL+S 2015

20 April 2015 / For Immediate Release

Launched at Prolight+Sound 2015, DiGiCo’s new Redundant Engine and Fader Pod provides a RE-assuring partner for its SD10 digital mixing console.

The SD10 Redundant Engine (SD RE) is an engine in a box that provides connection to a monitor and a keyboard / trackball for SD7-style dual engine redundancy. It can be connected to a 12-fader remote worksurface, screen, keyboard and mouse and duplicates the functionality of the SD10’s centre section.

By simply connecting the compact, 3U box to the console with an Ethernet crossover cable and the system’s audio racks, using MADI or Optocore, the SD RE provides a seamless backup for the console.

The console’s control computer, audio engine, software application and important worksurface controls can all be duplicated on the redundant system, offering either automatic or manual switchover whenever it is required.

The system features:

• 96 Input Channels (12 Flexi)
• 48 Aux / Sub-Group Busses
• LR / LCR Master Buss
• 16 x 16 Full Processing Matrix
• 2 Solo
• 16 Dynamic Equalizers
• 16 DiGiTubes
• 16 Multiband Compressors
• 16 Digital FX
• 24 Graphic Equalizers
• Optional Waves integration
• 48 / 96kHz Sample Rate
• Optional optics

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