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There’s a lot of nuance to the sound of Ed’s show, and with the SD7, I can find it and enhance it. Nothing else even comes close.

Production Manager and FOH Engineer, Chris Marsh

“I prefer to work with DiGiCo consoles for a very simple reason: they have incredible sound, great design features, and a user-friendly interface. I feel really lucky to use gear of this calibre,”

Alexandr Langr

It’s been the perfect choice and even on a console with the huge capacity of the SD7, I had only four busses and two channels not in use!

Sound Designer, Phil Wright.

Britannia Row has worked with DiGiCo for a very long time, as has our worldwide network within Clair Global. It’s the console that the majority of engineers are very happy to use, which is important for a multi-act show like this. The Live sound quality this year was truly exceptional.

Britannia Row Sales Director, Lez Dwight

This was one of the most challenging locations that we have ever worked in and we chose our most reliable mixing system combo – a DiGiCo console with an Optocore loop, perfect for long distance audio transmission. We are really glad to have been part of this experience and, as always, our DiGiCos did not disappoint with everything performing flawlessly.

Vitaly Azarov, Stage Audio system engineer

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