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30June 2021

KG Movie envisages new future with DiGiCo and KLANG

Kolkata-based event management and audio visual rental company, KG Movie, is one of the popular choices among event clients in India. Founded in 2001 by Manoj Singh, KG Movie has developed an exclusive offering that is a rare, out-of-the-box service for its clients. “To offer the best, you need the best audio equipment, too,” shares Manoj Singh, Managing Director, KG Movie. “That’s why we have invested in a DiGiCo SD10 with KLANG:fabrik.” Both the DiGiCo console and KLANG:fabrik unit were supplied by Hi-Tech Audio Systems, New Delhi.

Singh explains why he chose DiGiCo for his company. “The industry is well aware of DiGiCo’s reputation and many top-notch live mixing engineers in India are comfortable with DiGiCo SD-Series consoles, which you will find as the most popular choice on artists’ tech rider. Moreover, we are India’s first company to own a KLANG:fabrik unit outside of a fixed installation, which I think will give us a real edge over the competition. Along with Vicky Singh, who is the General Manager-Operation, KG Movie as a company can offer custom-tailored audio requirements to our various clients. With the new DiGiCo SD10 and KLANG:fabrik, we will be able to offer our clients the industry standard for immersive in-ear mixing, which will add a real difference to our business approach.”

The introduction of KLANG’s immersive in-ear mixing solution is a real boost for both mixing engineers and musicians.

“Hi-Tech Audio Systems is bringing KLANG’s state-of-the-art technology to India, to reach even more audio engineers, rental companies and artists with the benefits of immersive in ear mixing”, says Vanshaj Sharma, Application Engineer for DiGiCo at Hi-Tech Audio Systems. “The DiGiCo and KLANG setup will open up new horizons for rental companies to pitch for their clients.”

 “It’s absolutely brilliant what DiGiCo as a global brand offers for users,” shares Rajan Gupta, Managing Director of Hi-Tech Audio Systems. “As a distributor for India, one of our responsibilities is to provide up-to-date technical information about the consoles that will benefit the audio market. Though the pandemic impacted our in-person training and product demos, it has not stopped us from disseminating information via online trainings. Our DiGiCo application engineer scheduled online training with KG Movie’s technical team for an in-depth walk-through of the new DiGiCo SD10 and KLANG:fabrik immersive IEM mixing solution.”

Akshay Rajput, Sales Manager for Hi-Tech Audio Systems, who worked closely with KG Movie to understand what would suit the company’s requirement says, “The audio rental business industry in Kolkata will be inspired by KG Movie’s cutting-edge DiGiCo and KLANG inventory and these latest audio additions will also help the company to approach even more event clients with.”

“This will pave a new way for more rental companies to invest in DiGiCo as well as KLANG”, concludes Nirdosh Aggarwal, Director Sales of Hi-Tech Audio Systems. “When you experience something new that you have only heard about before, as an investor you are aware of its pros and cons. Companies like KG Movie will become our living testimony and will justify the capabilities of DiGiCo consoles. And by being India’s first KLANG:fabrik owner, KG Movie will achieve new milestones in their business.”




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It’s absolutely brilliant what DiGiCo as a global brand offers for users

Rajan Gupta, Managing Director of Hi-Tech Audio Systems


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