SD12 With 0% Finance Now Available

Designed to provide optimum performance in live touring, corporate, install, house of worship, theatre and broadcast environments, the SD12 incorporates the latest generation Super FPGA technology to deliver unrivalled power and connectivity in a compact frame. Now for a limited time, you can get % finance. Starting from $46,500


Maximum connectivity at exceptional value

The SD12 is a compact, affordable, multi-application digital console benefiting from built in UBMADI, dual DMI Slots, dual MADI, Optocore Option and Local I/O. And now available with 96 Channels.

  • 72 Input Channels (expandable to 96)
  • 36 Aux / Sub-Group Busses (expandable to 48)
  • LR/LCR Master Buss
  • 12 x 8 Full Processing Matrix
  • 119 Dynamic Equalizers / Multi-band Compressors
  • 12 Digitial FX
  • 48/96 kHz Sample Rate

Call your local partner or rep for more details, or contact our exclusive US distributor: Group One Ltd. Toll Free 877 292 1623 /

SD12 Digital Mixing Console

Compact in size but big on features, the SD12 raises the bar as a multi-application digital console at an exceptionally affordable price point. Dual 15-inch touchscreens, two assignable master faders and advanced surface connectivity is provided in the form of optional DMI cards.

DMI Dante Card

This card provides 64 input and 64 output channels at 48KHz and 32 input and 32 output channels at 96KHz. It is provided with Primary and Secondary (backup) Gigabit Ethernet ports for connection to the Dante network.

DMI Automatic Microphone Mixing

Key for corporate events or multi-presenter scenarios, the DMI-AMM option offers 48 channels of automatic microphone mixing which can be used in any console input channel.

DMI Waves Card

The DMI-WAVES option provides connection to the SoundGrid network, allowing you to send audio to and from a DAW for virtual soundcheck or recording, running Waves plugins in real-time and being able to send audio to and from any DiGiGrid products.