DiGiCo brings new Quantum852 powerhouse to PLASA Show 2023

First announced in May, Quantum852 will make its debut trade show appearance at the PLASA Show. The Quantum852 represents a significant leap forward in processing power and boasts a 1000 nit LCD screens that ensure visibility even in full daylight. Coupled with a newly designed worksurface, users can be confident that, in line with the […]

DiGiCo delivers to a jam-packed audience at Loftus

The three shows at Loftus catered for an audience of over 30,000 per performance. “It’s such a privilege to do large format concerts like this again and to see a massive crowd of people just enjoying themselves gave us goosebumps,” Günther Müller, Project Manager at MGG enthuses. “This, paired with the fantastic artists and supported […]

Quantum Theory – Potters Resort’s busy programme relies on DiGiCo

Already an established DiGiCo user (the theatre at their original site in Hopton On Sea features an SD10), following consultation with Autograph Sound the company chose two DiGiCo consoles for the new facility, a Quantum 338 for FOH and a Quantum 225 for stage monitoring. Autograph subsequently supplied the two consoles plus two SD Racks […]

Rain or Shine, DiGiCo’s Quantum225 Mixes Shows at Beshore Performance Hall

JOPLIN, Missouri – June 2023 – No, Joplin, Missouri wasn’t named for ragtime genius Scott Joplin, though even the city’s website acknowledges that common misconception. But JoMo, as some call it, still has plenty of musical heft to it, and it now has even more, with last November’s opening of the new $19-million, 37,000-square-foot Harry […]

DiGiCo helps Manning Bar, Sydney’s premier music venue, elevate its audio experience

Since 1974, Manning Bar has stood as one of Sydney’s premier mid-sized music venues, hosting concerts for a wide range of genres from Australian artists and bands such as Brad Cox, Beddy Rays, and INXS, and has welcomed international acts like Nabihah Iqbal, Janet Devlin, and Foo Fighters. Located on the campus of the University […]

Smooth leaps into the future with DiGiCo Quantum 225

Supplied by DWR Distribution, the powerful Quantum 225 incorporates all the new design features of the Quantum 338 but in a compact, robust work surface. “I do a lot of video and audio work for many broadcast shows and live events,” comments Simphiwe Mhlanga, known in the industry as Smooth. “I’m also a touring engineer […]

DiGiCo consoles deliver a gigantic step up in sound quality at one of the Netherland’s oldest pop venues, GIGANT

Partially funded by the municipality of Apeldoorn, GIGANT is a versatile cultural centre in the heart of the Netherlands, featuring as of 1995 a cinema, a Pop stage, a City stage, two theatres a café with a terrace, and a Course House hosting educational workshops in various art forms, including visual arts, circus, ensembles and […]

South Africa’s Sound Stylists reacts to industry trend with DiGiCo Quantum 225 investment

The timing was certainly right. Business has been good for Sound Stylists, the company has enough work to not overextend itself, but Glover has always kept ahead making sure his equipment stays relevant. “We had many SD consoles, but I noticed that everyone was going the Quantum route,” Glover explains. “We were fortunate to sell […]

Euphonie Sonorisation powers up for exciting year ahead with DiGiCo’s Q225

Hugo Angers, renowned TV Mixer and sound engineer and co-owner of Quebec-based Euphonie Sonorisation, has worked with a plethora of audio consoles throughout his career. However, since first operating a DiGiCo console in the mid-2010s, he has developed a strong affinity for their products and used them on many different shows and festivals. During the […]

Switchable set up for DiGiCo consoles on tour with Creeper

“I’ve worked with other bands in the heavy metal genre, such as Bleed from Within and Sylosis, and I started with Creeper earlier this year,” explains their FOH engineer, Rory Doherty. “Career wise, I cut my teeth using DiGiCo, as one of the first venues I worked at in Glasgow had a DiGiCo S series […]


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