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Waves FAQ

Frequently asked questions about DiGiCo and Waves

How do I setup touch and turn for waves?

Please see the Waves Documentation

Why does Waves running on some PCs (not Macs), Waves reports itself as unmirrored even though it is in fact still mirrored.

Check TN461 in the All TN section of this site.


There is a download link for a patch file in the SD Series common downloads section


How to use Waves with a DiGiCo console

To mix with Waves plugins on DiGiCo, you need to run the SuperRack plugin host software on a computer connected to the console. Processing is handled by a Waves SoundGrid server, which offers the necessary processing capabilities at ultra-low latency and supports server redundancy. The plugins can be controlled directly from the console, including touch-and-turn plugin parameter adjustments and the ability to manage sessions and snapshots.

Digico software versions v1143 and later include support for SuperRack as well as the earlier Waves MultiRack software.

To use Waves SuperRack with a DiGiCo console running an earlier software version than v1143 a special driver is required. It can be downloaded from here:


This has to be unzipped and copied to the D:\SDxx\ folder on the console replacing the existing file of the same name.

Further information as well as system diagrams can be found on the Waves website.


The earlier Waves MultiRack software is compatible with DiGiCo software releases in connection with a suitable Waves SoundGrid server and external control computer.

Running the Waves software directly on the console was possible up to the v929 software release. This is now considered a legacy solution and no longer supported.


Before downloading this file please read and consent to the EULA.