Waves FAQ

Frequently asked questions about DiGiCo and Waves

Waves Clean Install
  1. Disable ReadyOn on the console (C:\ProgramFiles\Ardence\ReadyOn\ReadyOn.exe
    click here for instructions).
  2. Go to Windows Control Panel > Add Remove Programs – uninstall all Waves products.
  3. Go to D:\ and delete the Waves folder.
    *If there are any saved plugins/racks presets or custom IR’s – it should be backed up before deleting D:\Waves folder.
  4. Go to C:\Program Files\ and delete the Waves folder.
  5. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ and delete the Waves Audio folder.
  6. Go to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers and delete the soundgridprotocol.sys (if still exists).
  7. Restart your console and reinstall Waves fresh from the All in One Waves for DiGiCo.
How do I setup touch and turn for waves?

Please see the Waves Documentation

Why does Waves running on some PCs (not Macs), Waves reports itself as unmirrored even though it is in fact still mirrored.

Check TN461 in the All TN section of this site.


There is a download link for a patch file in the SD Series common downloads section


Can I use Waves SuperRack with my DiGiCo Console

In order to use SuperRack on an external PC here is a link to download the DLL required.


This needs to be unzipped and copied to the D:\SDxx\ folder on the console replacing the existing file of the same name.

This is compatible with both existing MultiRack and new SuperRack.

Download Manager File Cart