KLANG Immersive Experience Days

DiGiCo & KLANG:technologies invite you to their hands-on events, with practical advice on how immersive monitoring can provide a superior artist stage experience as well as help solve traditional monitoring issues. Book now to reserve you free space!

On Tuesday 8th and Thursday 10th October, DiGiCo and KLANG:technologies will be opening their Chessington UK HQ demo room doors for two days of hands on practical experience with the KLANG Immersive IEM system.

These days will be designed to show how the unique KLANG Immersive experience can help to provide a solution for certain problems that monitor engineers experience on a daily basis:

  • Does your artist sometimes take one earpiece out because they feel disconnected from the audience?
  • If playing to a click, is the click incredibly loud in the artists IEM mix?
  • Does the artist have their belt pack turned up to the maximum and you have +10db on the Aux master?

All the above and much more can be helped by using the very flexible KLANG immersive IEM system. The days will also show how seamlessly the Klang system integrates with SD-Series consoles and how effortless it is to use once the system is set up.

These two days will run from 10-5pm at the DiGiCo headquarters in Chessington Surrey, which are easily accessible from both central London by train and by London and the M25 by car.

To register to attend on either day please fill in the following form with your details and preferred date, and we will ensure you receive further information once registered.

Individual immersive In-Ear mixes

KLANG:technologies innovative immersive in-ear monitor mixing system is the first breakthrough development since the introduction of in-ear monitoring. A natural and intuitive placement of sound, with pristine sonic quality that lets musicians focus on their art — not on their monitor sound.