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In a world as competitive for engineers as it is for console owners, you want the best tools you can lay your hands on. You also want a console as well thought out for every major application as it is designed for the art and science of sound engineering. Above all, you want to do more. That's why we've added yet more depth and versatility to the SD-Range, in which the DiGiCo SD7 is complemented by the new SD5, powerful SD Ten, compact SD8, the ultra compact SD9, the rackmount SD11 and the revolutionary S21.

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DiGiCo and KLANG take centre stage on Antonis Remos Live Experience Tour 2020

Monitor engineer George Panolaskos and FoH engineer Aris Kountouris’s vision of using top-quality sound equipment for the tour translated into working closely with rental company Papadimas Audio in order to secure two DiGiCo consoles with 32-bit pre-amps and two SD racks, with the whole system operating at 96kHz, connected via Optocore and the KLANG:fabrik. An L-Acoustics K2 loudspeaker system, support system, lights and LED screens were also supplied.

“We hear a huge difference with the 32-bit preams,” says Kountouris. “There …

Mt. Horeb UMC Becomes First Church to Order DiGiCo’s Quantum338 Console

LEXINGTON, South Carolina – June 2020 – While Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church regards itself as philosophically conservative, its embrace of worship technology has been anything but. The church, whose name refers to the mountain that Moses descended from with the Ten Commandments, constructed a $17 million auditorium that opened in 2015 on its 70-acre campus. At that time, the venue was generously outfitted with state-of-the-art audio-visual capabilities, including a pair of DiGiCo SD9 consoles as front-of-house mixers for the church …

DiGiCo helps Renato Carneiro deliver stunning audio for Brazilian duo’s live stream performance

“Maxi’s training programme is 100% free and open to the market,” says Carneiro. “The idea of my original, face-to-face session was to have a quick description of an SD12 and rebuild the actual session used in Bruno & Marrone live shows – remember those shows we used to do on a proper stage, with an audience? – using the multitrack show recordings. We had got it all set up and had 50 subscriptions to it in less than an hour. But then the virus hit, so we had to cancel it.”

When it was decided to move the A …

DiGiCo S Series software update delivers multiple new features, including Dante I/O rack and DMI-KLANG compatibility

A164D Wall LCD and A168D Stage

A164D Wall LCD, a 16 input 4 output I/O Expander, and A168D Stage, a portable 16 input 8 output I/O Expander, delivering all the connectivity of the original A164 Wall LCD and A168 Stage, but with the additional advantage of Dante connectivity. This not only adds the flexibility and familiarity of the Dante network protocol, but also means that consultants and integrators can take advantage of existing network infrastructure to drop I/O anywhere on the network.

With a Dante DMI 64 …