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In a world as competitive for engineers as it is for console owners, you want the best tools you can lay your hands on. You also want a console as well thought out for every major application as it is designed for the art and science of sound engineering. Above all, you want to do more. That's why we've added yet more depth and versatility to the SD-Range, in which the DiGiCo SD7 is complemented by the new SD5, powerful SD Ten, compact SD8, the ultra compact SD9, the rackmount SD11 and the revolutionary S21.

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ProRent elevates audio-visual excellence with DiGiCo SD12

“At ProRent, we are committed to delivering top-notch solutions for our clients, and the addition of the SD12 aligns perfectly with our mission to provide cutting-edge technology,” says Sinisa Ninkovic, owner of ProRent. “DiGiCo is a premier global brand, and SD-Range consoles are often featured on technical riders of both regional and international artists, which played a pivotal role in our decision to make this purchase. The SD12 is recognised as a reliable solution within our industry.”

Ninkovic also notes that the SD12 co …

Afrikaans is Groot keeps getting better with DiGiCo consoles

AIG stands alone within the genre as a flagship event and enhancing the experience every year takes planning and determination. Thanks to technical partnerships and excellent service providers this year saw improvements in all production values, especially the quality of audio provided by the fleet of DiGiCo consoles.

Ian Vos, technical director of Africaans is Groot, serves as the technical director at Coleske Group, a subsidiary of Warner Music Africa, ultimately owned by Warner Music Group in the United States. He oversees all tech …

DiGiCo Quantum7 Lets Noah Kahan’s Monitor Engineer, Clark Wright, Manage a Complex Stage

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – June 2024 – When fans of Noah Kahan come to see one of the shows on his We’ll All Be Here Forever North America Tour—assuming they can get tickets to this largely sold-out trek visiting stadiums, arenas, and amphitheaters across North America between March 26 and July 19—they’ll see six musicians on stage. What they’ll hear, though, in addition to Kahan’s folky-pop melodies and piercing lyrics, are literally dozens of instruments.

“Everyone plays like 15 instrument …

Clark Wright mixing monitors for Noah Kahan and his band on a DiGiCo Quantum7 desk

Bravo Duo! Andrea Bocelli Takes Two DiGiCo Quantum852 Consoles On Tour

CHICAGO, Illinois – June 2024 – Most artists of significant stature will name their tours, perhaps inspirationally, perhaps whimsically. Andrea Bocelli, the 11-time Grammy Award-nominated singer whose oeuvre comfortably straddles classic opera, romantic pop, and Latino genres, needed only a couple of letters and numbers to moniker his most recent sojourn: AB30—his initials and the number of years he’s recorded and traveled the world touring. And even that abbreviated signature is simply shorthand for million …

Davide Lombardi mixes Bocelli, his band, choir, and a few playback tracks on one of the tour’s two DiGiCo Quantum852 mixing consoles


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