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In a world as competitive for engineers as it is for console owners, you want the best tools you can lay your hands on. You also want a console as well thought out for every major application as it is designed for the art and science of sound engineering. Above all, you want to do more. That's why we've added yet more depth and versatility to the SD-Range, in which the DiGiCo SD7 is complemented by the new SD5, powerful SD Ten, compact SD8, the ultra compact SD9, the rackmount SD11 and the revolutionary S21.

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DiGiCo S Series software update delivers multiple new features, including Dante I/O rack and DMI-KLANG compatibility

A164D Wall LCD and A168D Stage

A164D Wall LCD, a 16 input 4 output I/O Expander, and A168D Stage, a portable 16 input 8 output I/O Expander, delivering all the connectivity of the original A164 Wall LCD and A168 Stage, but with the additional advantage of Dante connectivity. This not only adds the flexibility and familiarity of the Dante network protocol, but also means that consultants and integrators can take advantage of existing network infrastructure to drop I/O anywhere on the network.

With a Dante DMI 64 …

MIX AND MADGE ‘Q’ at the heart of ‘X’

Although a more powerful mixing platform than any previous DiGiCo product, the new Quantum 7 console was deployed on a Madonna tour actually scaled down from her usual stadium presence and ran the show in the much more intimate surroundings of boutique theatres in iconic city locations. This meant adapting her live sound for smaller venues even if the production was as sophisticated as ever, as FOH engineer Tim Colvard explains.

“From its beginnings the SD7 has continued to evolve into the desk that can meet the needs of the most co …

Mastersound hits masterstroke with DiGiCo SD10

There are a number of the pioneers in the Indian rental market that have played a significant role in this evolution. Ahmedabad-based Mastersound is one of them. Launched in the 1950s and known as a trendsetter in North India, it has recently purchased a DiGiCo SD10 from the British manufacturer’s authorized India distributor, Hi-Tech Audio Systems.

“Gurnam Singh, founder of Mastersound, had a vision when he started the company in 1956,” say …

DiGiCo’s Quantum 7 future proof historic Aarhus Theatre

Situated in the heart of Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, the theatre was built in the 1890s and opened in 1900. Architecturally lavish and the city’s most popular cultural attraction, it boasts four stages and a total of 1,200 seats.

Aarhus Theatre has a long history of investing in new equipment, but with much of its infrastructure becoming old, in the summer of 2018 a complete rebuild was undertaken, including power and stage machinery. Every single cable, hoist, gallery, turntable stage and elevator was pulled out and re …