DiGiCo’s Stealth Core 2 engine has taken the SD range to the next level. Thanks to some smart developments in FPGA technology, the entire range is quicker and more powerful, capable of even more processing channels. Not only does every SD console now benefit from expanded bussing and a greater palette of on-board effects, there’s Dynamic EQ and a DiGiTube on every channel and buss, and thanks to a refined new-look application code, the whole user experience is instantly more satisfying.

FREE Console Upgrades

For SD7, SD7 Quantum, SD5CS and SD12 the Upgrade to the Core 2 interface is free of charge. Please complete the form below to download.

LOOKING FOR SD10 RE? Please contact us for information on the SD10 RE Stealth Core 2 upgrade software.

Because the acoustic guitars can change so dramatically with all the temperature and dynamic variables, it’s been hugely useful to being able to change settings on the SD10 via virtual soundchecks without needing Vance on stage any longer than he needs to be.

Mani Hammond - Monitor Engineer

Having main and backup consoles mirroring one another, whilst not necessarily attached to the same I/O or network, is a unique scenario to these events, and one that DiGiCo consoles helps us achieve more elegantly, and the ability to send feeds to other consoles on the network is a huge advantage.

Andrew Marsh

Features like SD7s theatre software, virtual sound-check capabilities and in-system audio routing to our TV production system, allow us to carry out complex productions with pristine audio quality, in a simple and effective manner.

Petteri Laukkanen - Finnish National Opera and Ballet

We are glad that we could deliver the best to Audio Kris and we are always there to provide after sales training and support.

Karl Da Costa, Systems and Audio Engineer

We’ve had our SD7 and SD-Rack loaded with 32-bit I/Os for almost a year now and we couldn’t be happier with the setup. It brings the level of redundancy that you have to have when you’re doing live events for clients like these. Everything has to be perfect.

Davis Jones - Chief Engineer - Design Sound