DiGiCo’s Stealth Core 2 engine has taken the SD range to the next level. Thanks to some smart developments in FPGA technology, the entire range is quicker and more powerful, capable of even more processing channels. Not only does every SD console now benefit from expanded bussing and a greater palette of on-board effects, there’s Dynamic EQ and a DiGiTube on every channel and buss, and thanks to a refined new-look application code, the whole user experience is instantly more satisfying.

FREE Console Upgrades

For SD7, SD7 Quantum, SD5CS and SD12 the Upgrade to the Core 2 interface is free of charge. Please complete the form below to download.

LOOKING FOR SD10 RE? Please contact us for information on the SD10 RE Stealth Core 2 upgrade software.

The SD-Range are fantastic sounding desks, overwhelmingly accepted by artists, and the support we receive from DiGiCo is nothing short of amazing. As widely as they are being used at festivals around the world, it is much more commonplace for engineers to have a file for one if they’re not carrying their own production, which greatly simplifies things for a huge production like this. It’s reasons like these that we continue to turn to DiGiCo year after year as our exclusive console partner for Summerfest. It’s been an incredible relationship and it just keeps getting better.

Jeff Schauer - Operations and Logistics Manager - Clearwing Audio

To make absolutely sure success was guaranteed, they got in contact with us to supply them with the hottest audio gear in town that would suit their predominantly rock-based live show needs.

Fuzion - Joshua Oate

There is a 19 piece string and brass orchestra and a 16-piece choir, but because Hans jumps around genres so much, there is also a band and a lot of electronics involved which gives me a grand total of 262 inputs. There are not many desks that can deal with that input count and we needed great flexibility in the system, so we went for the DiGiCo SD7 because of its functionality and great channel count.

Colin Pink - FOH Engineer - Hans Zimmer

These updates are designed to provide an even better user experience and fulfil the requirements of an increasingly sophisticated market

Roger Wood, Head of Software

Britannia Row has worked with DiGiCo for a very long time, as has our worldwide network within Clair Global. It’s the console that the majority of engineers are very happy to use, which is important for a multi-act show like this. The Live sound quality this year was truly exceptional.

Britannia Row Sales Director, Lez Dwight

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