DiGiCo’s Stealth Core 2 engine has taken the SD range to the next level. Thanks to some smart developments in FPGA technology, the entire range is quicker and more powerful, capable of even more processing channels. Not only does every SD console now benefit from expanded bussing and a greater palette of on-board effects, there’s Dynamic EQ and a DiGiTube on every channel and buss, and thanks to a refined new-look application code, the whole user experience is instantly more satisfying.

FREE Console Upgrades

For SD7, SD7 Quantum, SD5CS and SD12 the Upgrade to the Core 2 interface is free of charge. Please complete the form below to download.

LOOKING FOR SD10 RE? Please contact us for information on the SD10 RE Stealth Core 2 upgrade software.

Not only has the sound been awesome, but DiGiCo’s service and staff have been outstanding. When we talk to the engineers who staff the stages, they all tell us that the SD desks are a pleasure to work with.

Clearwing Audio Operations Manager - Jeff Schauer

“After not very long I decided that I was going to start using DiGiCo,” he states. “Since making the change I can’t think of any reason why I would want to use another brand of console. The DiGiCo just does everything so well, and it has been great for us. We have managed to get DiGiCo consoles wherever we have travelled around the world, and the compatibility within the SD range has made our lives very easy. It’s just a simple show-file switch from one desk to another. Easy!”

Chris Martin - FOH Engineer

I know there are a lot of new consoles out there and they have some cool features, but in terms of customization, routing, layout, audio quality and macros, DiGiCo is still at the top of the game. They continue to lead this industry

James Shaw - FOH Engineer - Ben Harper

Anywhere I need a mic drop, and I can pull that up on either console, on any channel I want. The flexibility of the SD consoles and the network together let this venue easily compete with any other one in its market.

Jordan Lytle - Senior Consultant And Project Manager

The S21 is just such a great-sounding console. They all are, and it’s so easy to get the sound you want out of them. Ease of use, high channel count, lots of useful functionality, and great sound—you cannot ask for more than that.

Hall Williams
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