4REA4 Processing

Changing the rules for Networked Audio in Installations

  • Intuitive design and configuration
  • 96kHz Sample rate
  • Configurable local I/O, plus a range of 3rd Party interface connections
  • Cross-platform Software compatible with MacOS, Windows, iOS and a range of tablet devices
  • End User optimised controls including managed User Group permissions.


4REA4 puts high quality audio at the heart of your installed sound solution, giving you the tools to build and shape the right solution with ease. At your fingertips you have a vast processing resource and redundancy support not normally found at this price point. The ability to integrate with top tier live performance products natively without complex programming enhances the flexibility of this solution delivering a truly unique audio processing product for installations.

4REA4 Applications

4REA4 is a new type of system processor leveraging the power of FPGA technology, 96kHz sample rate and intuitive, console-based, software to enable superior performance networked audio throughout your venue.

The mainframe can process 128 input channels and 56 outputs with on board connectivity via a range of network ports, SD Card slots (up to 3) and DMI card slots (up to 4). In addition to processing channels, 4REA4 can act as a point-to-point router for up to 512 channels, so any channel from any device on the network can routed directly to any other device on the network without affecting your processing capacity.

You can also split the workspace into 4 zones each with their own stereo master, to which access is limited through User Groups and Permissions.

It also has 8 Macros that can change the configuration at the touch of a button, so the system can be optimised for a range of set ups and applications, then recalled on demand.

The 4REA4 has bi-directional audio connectivity with any device on the network in both its proprietary format and a range of other standards (Dante, MADI, Avoim, Waves SoundGrid, Optocore, ME-1, AES/EBU). The system can also interface with external control devices using TCP/IP, GPIO, Midi and AMX/Crestron.

The system has a range of I/O and control peripherals that can interface over a standard, standalone network. It’s designed to be plug and play working off the shelf using Layer 2 network hardware; no IP or Mac addresses, just simple ID settings established over a web browser.

Building the software platform in a mixing console style is designed to open up the set-up, control and management to in-house Technical Managers or Heads of Audio, allowing venues to be in control of updates, changes or upgrades should they have the right in-house expertise.

Automatic firmware updates ensure your system is on the most recent version, simplifying service and maintenance. The software is cross-platform working with MacOS, Windows, iOS and a range of tablet devices.

DMI Interface Options


    This card provides 16 analogue inputs on 2 x 25 way “D” connectors. The ADC card is a line card only. There is no microphone amplifier or phantom power available. There is no gain control function for these inputs (only digital trim). Maximum input level +22dBu.

    This card provides 16 Inputs (8 pairs) and 16 outputs (8 pairs) on 2 x 25 way “D” connectors. All AES inputs are provided with sample rate conversion (SRC) by default. All AES outputs are synchronised to the mixer system clock.

    This card provides 16 output channels at 48kHz (with SRC) and Supports Aviom's proprietary A-Net Pro16 protocol. It has 1 Ethercon connection and faceplate DIP switched for Stereo output selection.

    This card provides 16 analogue outputs on 2 x 25 way “D” connectors DAC card is line level only. Maximum output level +22dBu (Digital Full Scale)

    This card provides 64 input and 64 output channels at 48KHz and 32 input and 32 output channels at 96KHz. It is provided with Primary and Secondary (backup) Gigabit Ethercon ports for connection to the Dante network.

    This card can be used to connect a Standard MADI stream (64 channels in and out) at 48KHz or 96KHz or an SD Series DiGiCo Rack with the appropriate connector (D2-Rack, SD-Rack, SD-MINIRack)

    This card can be used to connect another DiGiCo device that uses RJ45 Standard MADI (64 channels in and out) at 48KHz or 96KHz or an SD Series DiGiCo Rack with the appropriate connector (D-Rack, D2-Rack)

    This card provides 8 microphone preamp inputs on a 1 x 25 way "D" connector. Each channel has individual, low noise gain control and phantom power. User interface is through a normal channel strip on your console. Maximum input level is +22dBu.

    This card will provide 64 input and 64 output channels at 48kHz or 96kHz to the SoundGrid Network with 2 Ethercon ports.

4REA4 I/O Racks & Options

The following rack options are available:

  • A164 WALL LCD

  • A168 STAGE

  • A88 GPIO





4REA4 High Rez Image Gallery

4REA4 Specifications

General Specifications

  • 128 Inputs (Stereo channels use 2 DSP channels)
  • 48 Mix Busses configurable as
    • Mono/Stereo Auxes,
    • Mono/Stereo Groups
    • Mono/Stereo Matrix Busses
    • Mono/Stereo FX Sends
  • 4 Dedicated Stereo Masters
  • 128 x 48 Processing Channels
    • HPF – 12, 18 or 24 dB/Octave Butterworth filter, or 18dB/Octave Bessel filter
    • LPF – 12dB/Octave Butterworth filter
    • 4 Band Parametric EQ
    • Dynamics: Gate, Ducker, Slow Ducker, Manual Peak Compressor
    • 2 Insert Points per Channel
    • 341.32ms Input Delay
    • 685.63ms Output Delay
    • Graphic EQ on outputs
  • 16 FX processing
    • Reverbs
    • Stereo Tap Delays
    • Chorus
    • Gated Verbs
    • Pitch Shifters
    • De-Essers
    • 4 Band Dynamic EQs
    • 3 Multiband Compressors
  • 8 Programmable Buttons with LED Indication
  • 3  8 Channel SD-Rack Card Slots (for analogue & AES connectivity with up to 32-bit conversion
  • 4  DMI Card Slots
  • 4  A3232 Ports 32.32 Channel to connect to remote I/O modules
  • Dual Redundant ATAR Port 128 x 128 Channel
  • 1  Ethernet Port for Control (1000Mbps)
  • Wordclock In and Out

4REA4 Brochure

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