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  • Name, role, and time at the company

I am Rob Obro and I joined the Digico (then Soundtracs) Test team in 1989 shortly before the manufacturing facility was relocated to Scotland.

  • Why did you choose to work here and how this is progressing?

I joined the company at the time because of the relaxed and friendly atmosphere and frankly because I also needed a job that will serve as my gateway into this industry.

Shortly after relocating the manufacturing facility to Scotland I joined the Management team as the Test Manager. At the time, Soundtracs manufactured analogue mixers and I led the test team to automate most of the console testing of our products. I was subsequently given the task of being the Test and Quality Manager. Along the way we transitioned from manufacturing analogue mixers to exclusively Digital Workstations. As we strived for excellence in our manufacturing processes, I was part of the manufacturing facility Management team who achieved ISO9001 accreditation.

  • What areas of work you enjoy? 

Things have changed a lot since then as the company has gotten bigger and better. I am very excited about the new products being developed by our brilliant R&D team and in my current role leading the Test Development effort in the manufacturing facility, our aim is to rise to the challenge of developing test solutions to ensure that we continue to deliver the best quality products to our customers.

  • Why would you encourage others to work here?
  • What is the atmosphere like in the company?

Digico is a great place to work. There is a very friendly atmosphere and it’s all about teamwork. The Christmas parties, bowling and other team building events are great. The employee benefits are great and the support in terms of personal development and mental health are there if you need it.

When I am not working, I enjoy cycling and jogging. I did the marathon once years ago for a charity and vowed never to do it again lol! I volunteer very occasionally as a guest on a local noncommercial radio station where a friend of mine hosts a show.


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