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User FAQ

Frequently asked questions about using DiGiCo consoles

Snapshot notes window positioning.

The size and position of open windows (for example the Snapshot notes window) is stored, so that if you close and reopen the window, it returns to the same position.

If you wish to reset all window positions back to factory default settings, set “Default Positions” to ON in the Console Tab of the Options panel on the Master Screen, and restart the console.

VESA Monitor Pole Mount Details

Some DiGiCo flight-cases have a mounting for VESA monitor (or other equipment) brackets. You can usually get these from office equipment or AV suppliers.

SD7 cases are provided with 3/8″ UNC stud x 38 mm clearance hole (for large elbow type arms)

SD9 and other console cases are provided with M10 stud x 36 mm clearance hole.

Where do I find the software to update my SD console

As of Version V1143 the DiGiCo website allows users to download SD console software, offline software and the SD Convert program.

Download Links can be found on each of the products download pages.

For Earlier versions of SD console software, please contact your local dealer / distributor.

Note that S Series Console software is available for download in the support section of the website.

When using a mixture of CAT5 and BNC racks and console, I am not sure which “Little Box” to use.

The simplest way to determine what you need is to the refer to Technical Note 248 available elsewhere on the website.

The Little Blue Box is used to connect a CAT5 rack to a BNC console and the Little Red Box will connect a BNC rack to a CAT5 console – amongst the very many other combinations possible.

I want to use the GPIO on my SD9 or SD11

There are 2 GPI’s and 2 GPO’s. These are on 4 x 1/4″ jack sockets, which are stereo TRS sockets (tip, ring, sleeve) wired to tip and sleeve only, compatible with mono plugs.

GPI’s are CMOS logic inputs, pulled high by a 5 KOhm resistor to 5V. A simple contact closure to chassis will activate these.

GPO’s are floating reed relay contacts. Rated 1A 24V AC/DC

I want to convert a session to a different console model or a different version.

A session from any SD console can be converted to suit any other, using the session converter program available freely on the website. Note you cannot convert between S and SD series sessions as the console software for each range are fundamentally different.

When converting session files, it’s important to know the version / build number of the session file you want to convert.

If you are converting up to the latest version of software, use the most current version of the SD Convert program. Load in your session, select the appropriate console type (SD9, SD10, SD8 etc..) and save the new session file.

If you are just converting between console types that have the same version / build of software, use the version of SD Convert that matches your session file.

Note that each build of console software has a matching version of the SD Convert program.

Do not load newer session files into older versions of SD Convert. The resulting session file may not function correctly.

Use a matching version of SD Convert when only switching between console types.

You cannot load newer session files into older console software, and there is no way of using SD Convert to achieve this.

Do you have a Mac version of the offline software?

The offline system is the identical software to what you have on your console (except there is no console hardware support). DiGiCo console software only runs under Windows.

Many users worldwide regularly use the offline software on Mac’s using a Windows emulation program such as Parallels, Boot Camp, VMWare Fusion etc. which are widely available.

It should be noted this approach gives 100% duplication of the console controls unlike some other console offline  session editing programs.

I only see the Console/DiGiCo logo on the overview screen and not the selected overview displays.

The overview display page has not been correctly setup in the console display settings. This is relatively straightforward software adjustment. Refer to the Technical note specific to the console you are using. Contact your distributor or DiGiCo Support for further assistance.

I do not see any picture at all on the overview screen

You connected your overview monitor after you powered up the console. Switch the console off, connect your screen and try again.

My SD12 shows the right-hand master display on both console screens & overview screen

You have not “paired” your new overview screen with the console. Modern DVI monitors require to be paired with the console individually.  Refer to Technical Note 372 for setting this up. Contact your distributor for assistance with this.

My SD7 Quantum shows only the master screen correctly and all the remaining screens show only the DiGiCo/SD7Q logo.

You have not “paired” your new overview screen with the console. Modern DVI monitors require to be paired with the engine individually.  Refer to Technical Note 418 for setting this up. Contact your distributor for assistance with this. Pair any screen in use with both engines to allow interchangeability.

I want to roll back the current console software version to an earlier version.

If you need to downgrade the console software to an earlier version, please contact your distributor for technical assistance.

Do not run the installer package for the earlier version.

I see a “LOW” error on my SD Console computer status.

A “low” error usually indicates that your console is low on disk space. Check the disk space in Windows Explorer. It should have at least 0.5Gb (500 Mb) free if less. Backup large / old session files to a USB key and delete from the console.

S21 or S31 EQ controls appear jumpy sometimes

The encoders are high quality components, rated to a maximum rotational speed of 60 rpm, or 1 turn per second. If turned quicker than this, the settings appear to jump about.

This can show up when adjusting EQ parameters, when fast large changes are attempted. To avoid this we suggest a slightly slower approach to making adjustments.


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