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22June 2023

DiGiCo’s Q338 amplifies Rajan Amplifiers’s audio inventory

Jodhpur’s well-known and veteran rental company Rajan Amplifiers has entered into DiGiCo’s Quantum range by investing in its first Quantum338 console. Under the direction of Anil Panwar, owner of Rajan Amplifiers, the company is always ambitious to level up its audio offerings. Rajan Amplifiers took delivery of its Quantum338 from DiGiCo’s authorized distributor, Hi-Tech Audio & Image which is based in New Delhi, India.

  • DiGiCo’s Q338 amplifies Rajan Amplifiers’s audio inventory
  • DiGiCo’s Q338 amplifies Rajan Amplifiers’s audio inventory
  • DiGiCo’s Q338 amplifies Rajan Amplifiers’s audio inventory

“We have entered into the Quantum range by investing in DiGiCo Quantum338. This is a proud moment for us to be in the league of Quantum338. The flexibility, reliability, and operability of Quantum338 are outstanding,” says Anil Panwar, owner of Rajan Amplifiers. He continues, “The board looks fantastic, and the first thing is 3 bright daylight viewable screens which make it easy for the engineers to work on Quantum338 in the daytime. At present, we own 3 DiGiCo consoles and the new Quantum338 has leveled-up our audio inventory.”

Rajan Amplifiers has been actively doing grand weddings, big corporate events as well as glamorous live shows across Rajasthan and India. Being a 50 years old company, Anil Panwar has taken forward the legacy of his father and founder Rajan Panwar to new heights of success. Since Rajasthan is one of the top-rated royal destination wedding locations, the clients book Bollywood artists and musicians to perform at their weddings. Mostly the artists’ tech-ride includes DiGiCo consoles and the demand is high among top-notch live mixing engineers.

Rajan Gupta, Founder & CEO of Hi-Tech Audio & Image and Nirdosh Aggarwal, Managing Director of the company have been playing an instrumental role in promoting DiGiCo Quantum 338 in India. They have been in touch with DiGiCo owners in India, understanding their requirements and navigating their investment in the right direction.

“We represent DiGiCo in India and we always work towards providing solutions to our clients. This Quantum338 is the first Quantum console in Rajasthan and Rajan Amplifiers is incredibly proud to be a pioneer. The latest technology offered by Quantum338 ensures longevity and it would remain relevant for years to come”, says Rajan Gupta.

Adding to the above, Nirdosh Aggarwal shared his business projection of DiGiCo for India’s booming audio industry. He says, “The Quantum range is a marvel. Along with the success of SD range, the team is highly motivated to promote Quantum range across India. This we plan to achieve with intensive DiGiCo product training in major cities of India, proactive service support, and on-site support provided by our application engineer. We as Hi-Tech Audio & Image are looking for a longstanding contribution to DiGiCo with our expertise and experience.”

To conclude, Satyam Rajvanshi, DiGiCo Application Engineer from Hi-Tech Audio & Image shares his experience in training Rajan Amplifiers’ audio crew on their Quantum338. “By investing on Quantum338, Rajan Amplifiers is offering its clients a future-proof solution. The Quantum338’s advanced architecture and adaptability to evolving audio standards make it a reliable investment for long-term success in the ever-changing audio industry. The Quantum 338’s remarkable capabilities and user-friendly design will undoubtedly elevate the audio experience of Rajan Amplifiers’ production.”

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the new Quantum338 has leveled-up our audio inventory

Anil Panwar, owner of Rajan Amplifiers


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