22June 2023

Smooth leaps into the future with DiGiCo Quantum 225

With technical knowledge in live events, touring and broadcast, South African audio engineer Simphiwe Mhlanga has acquired a DiGiCo Quantum 225 Digital Mixing Console, the ideal tool to further his craft.

  • Smooth leaps into the future with DiGiCo Quantum 225
  • Smooth leaps into the future with DiGiCo Quantum 225
  • Smooth leaps into the future with DiGiCo Quantum 225
  • Smooth leaps into the future with DiGiCo Quantum 225

Supplied by DWR Distribution, the powerful Quantum 225 incorporates all the new design features of the Quantum 338 but in a compact, robust work surface. “I do a lot of video and audio work for many broadcast shows and live events,” comments Simphiwe Mhlanga, known in the industry as Smooth. “I’m also a touring engineer working most weekends, and every time I get behind a DiGiCo console, it’s just flawless. When you have to move from one console to the next over a three day period, it can become difficult, but with DiGiCo, it’s always a breeze due to all consoles sharing the same architecture. I like the workflow, it sounds amazing, and the reputation both national and international made it the correct choice.”

Simphiwe initially studied audio engineering and has grown tremendously over the years working as a FOH/ Monitor engineer, Systems Engineer, Sound Designer and Mixing / Mastering Engineer. He is focused and dedicated to doing what he loves most and has been rewarded by working for Talib Kweli (an American rapper), Sjava, the late AKA, and for festivals like The Joy of Jazz, Cotton Fest and Castle Lite Unlocks. “Seeing musicians prepare during the week, seeing them on stage over the weekend and then seeing a happy audience is what makes my work so special to me,” he says.

When choosing the Quantum 225, Simphiwe had the future in mind and wanted a console that would give him the edge in the current market and be something that would last for many years ahead. He had previously attended DiGiCo training with Kyle Robson from DWR and gained product insight by watching numerous product videos, but the Quantum 225 came out tops. “I’ve worked on the SD range on many occasions, but I really liked the additional features the Quantum had to offer,” Simphiwe explains.

Quantum 225 brings a 17-inch, 1000 nit, high brightness multitouch screen with both a meter bridge and soft select buttons for quick operation. The console’s local I/O includes 8 analogue inputs, 8 analogue outputs and 2 AES I/O (4 channels). It offers 2 redundant MADI in/out at 48kHz, which can also be configured as 4 MADI I/O. Operators have the option to add a single or dual loop of Optocore. On each loop, which is 504 channels of audio; there can be 5 consoles and up to 14 DiGiCo racks or a combination of racks and tie-lines around the loop. With dual Optocore loops, that’s 1,008 Optocore channels of audio and 28 racks running. In addition, the engine has a 48-channel UBMADI, enabling the user to connect any laptop via USB and get 48 channels of recording and playback. Two dedicated DMI slots accommodate the growing family of DiGiCo DMI card options and there is also an option to add Waves connectivity if you want to utilise SoundGrid processing, giving you a 64 x 64 additional I/O.

“Simphiwe is jumping onto the latest platform, and the Quantum Series is going to give years and years of use,” said Kyle Robson from DWR. “There is so much growth available on this desk which is the exciting part, and it’s certainly a leap into the future, definitely a console that will take Simphiwe to new levels. Thank you, Simphiwe for your support, and welcome to the DiGiCo family.”

Simphiwe Mhlanga (aka Smooth) with Kyle Robson of DWR.

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There is so much growth available on this desk which is the exciting part

Kyle Robson, DWR


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