21September 2022

Captivate AV leaps to new heights with DiGiCo’s Quantum 338

Employing a host of premium audio, lighting and video systems to create immersive experiences, Captivate AV has been a proud provider of full production services on the Gold Coast since 2016. The company specialises in events and installations, carefully crafting bespoke audio-visual solutions for corporate events, schools, houses of worship, festivals, artists and beyond. Enjoying vast accomplishments in the events space, the business’s expanding system requirements prompted an investment in a DiGiCo Quantum 338 mixing console to raise production values.

  • Captivate AV leaps to new heights with DiGiCo’s Quantum 338
  • Captivate AV leaps to new heights with DiGiCo’s Quantum 338
  • Captivate AV leaps to new heights with DiGiCo’s Quantum 338
  • Captivate AV leaps to new heights with DiGiCo’s Quantum 338
  • Captivate AV leaps to new heights with DiGiCo’s Quantum 338

Spearheaded by founders Chris Lang and Russell Baker, Captivate AV’s wealth of industry experience and attentive client care informs its reputable approach. Bolstered by the robust foundation of their existing DiGiCo eco-system, and the company’s enthusiasm for cutting edge technology, Director Chris Lang outlines Captivate AV’s seamless integration of the Quantum 338.

“When we started Captivate AV, [the directors] each had our own SD11i console with D-Racks. As our need to supply larger systems grew, we added a SD8-24, SD10-24 and S21 to our inventory, along with various racks and connection accessories,” he says. “When the Quantum series was released, it was clear this was a new era of audio consoles and we wanted to be on the leading edge. With high demand for fibre systems from the touring market, this was a must and integrates nicely with our SD10 which is already on fibre. The Quantum’s I/O capacity is unmatched, and we can safely put the console in any situation with confidence that audio will make it to its destination – wherever needed, and by whatever means required.”

Offering a generous array of features that meld DiGiCo’s hallmark workflows with increased processing power and connectivity, the Quantum 338 packs an innovative punch. Despite all the onboard technical enhancements, the console remains notably compact.

“Upon first firing up the Quantum 338 and running some multitracks through it, we were pleasantly surprised by how much nicer the effects processing came across. We also enjoyed applying some of the new Mustard compressors, which bring new life to traditional band instruments. Adding in the Chilli 6 on the Spice Rack was really the icing on the cake for what can now be achieved on board.

“After running it through some gigs, we really got used to having channels across three bright and responsive touch screens – something hard to go back from! Nodal processing came in handy on some effects busses, being able to EQ and compress things a little differently through different wedges, without having to duplicate channels for particular sends was a really impressive touch.”

Taking full advantage of the 338’s extensive DMI interface options, Captivate AV have loaded their console’s DMI ports with Dante connectivity and KLANG immersive in-ear mixing. “We have been using KLANG IEM processing since it became a part of the DiGiCo infrastructure and love being able to roll out great sounding in-ear mixes with ease,” Chris explains. “The KLANG DMI card is a useful tool and we have recently added a KLANG:konductor to our inventory, which we can also loop in via HMA fibre. We are looking forward to deploying it with our larger multi-console setups.”

Hillcrest Christian College, a Gold Coast-based education centre and Captivate AV client, were equally impressed with the Quantum 338. Recently employing the system for use in a school production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Theatre Manager Anthony Kissick was elated at the opportunity to use the console.

“I have personally been a DiGiCo user for more than a decade and we currently have an SD11 as the primary console for our College theatre,” he says. “Knowing that Captivate AV had acquired a Quantum 338, I was overjoyed when we were able to use it for our College’s musical theatre production.”

With the show encompassing hundreds of Snapshots to manage a considerable number of inputs and outputs, Anthony was able to pre-program the production using DiGiCo’s offline editor during rehearsals. Consisting of 36 channels of headset microphones, plus an 11-piece orchestra (all individually miked with reed doubling parts and an expansive percussion section) along with multiple channels of playback, the show’s engineering requirements were significant. The Quantum 338 kept Anthony on top of these complex demands, with its trio of screens allowing efficient and flexible operation of channels.

Utilising the Quantum 338’s comprehensive feature set to efficiently manage production, Anthony’s encounter with the console resulted in a genuinely positive experience for the season.

“With young singers, it was important to keep stage volume low to allow their voices the space to be heard and captured by their headset mics,” he notes. “The KLANG processing integration on the Quantum 338 allowed the orchestra and myself to have a seamless in-ear mix, and allowed the volume to be reduced on stage and in the orchestra pit, while not compromising the experience of the musicians. The season was a huge success. The powerful snapshot and control group capability permitted easy automation of the input channels, while the Mustard channel processing and effects engine allowed us to creatively design a spectacular mix.”

Demonstrated in both Captivate AV and Hillcrest Christian College’s implementation of the console to enhance and refine production, the Quantum 338’s capabilities bring a welcome boost in workflow, enjoyed by engineers and performers alike. Expanding his system with another solid DiGiCo offering has proved a perfect fit for Chris Lang and his clients. “We have a growing team of passionate and dedicated technicians, and we love good gear!” he concludes.


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When the Quantum series was released, it was clear this was a new era of audio consoles

Chris Lang, Director


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