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Designed for Installed Audio Performance

With the release of 4REA4, DiGiCo is pushing the boundaries again with a new audio installation platform designed to deliver the highest quality performance across multi-space venues and stages.

At the heart of the system is the 4REA4 processing engine with DiGiCo connectivity options and powerful 4REA4 control software, providing routing, processing and mix control that allows your performance area to expand across your installation.

Managing, Mixing & Routing Your Audio

DiGiCo has been at the heart of live performance audio for over 15 years, creating digital consoles used by engineers the world over, who want the best in sound quality, usability and reliability. From the biggest live tours to the largest houses of worship and theatres, DiGiCo has been shaping the future of digital live sound that has transformed how live engineers mix.

4REA4 Processing Engine

The processing engine rack has four dedicated mix areas, or zones, each with its own stereo master output, CGs, and allocated FX. Plus, with 128 input channel and 48 buss output processing strips available you can independently allocate processing to whichever area as required.

4REA4 External I/O & Control

Managing the mixing and routing of each individual performance area are a new range of premium designed hardware control panels and external I/O units with intelligent labelling and visual feedback, that work in conjunction with the 4REA4 processing engine and control software.
Performance Venues

Performance Venues

4REA4 is made for multi-area performance venues where managing and delivering the best audio quality and experience is paramount. Control and mix all areas of live audio performance from your main auditorium or stage, to smaller public areas and even backstage, with a range of dedicated I/O and mix panels. Manage multiple show configurations for the same space with the 4REA4 control software and switch setups for I/O and routing in an instant with no downtime, ensuring every show is on schedule and ready to go.

Audio Matrixing

Audio Matrixing

Taking the strain for shared stages at festivals and large music venues, 4REA4 can be configured as a powerful matrix mixer for managing multiple live consoles for different acts. Analogue or digital mix feeds can be taken directly from any DiGiCo or 3rdparty console, and PA routing can then be switched or mixed without the stress and complication of re-routing consoles on the fly.

House Of Worship

House Of Worship

A trusted live console partner for many house of worship clients around the world, 4REA4 allows ministries to expand how each section of the congregation can enjoy their service experience. Any breakout room or space can have full access to the main service, whilst still having full control of managing and mixing additional localised performance material. Plus, with the intuitive control software and dedicated function keys, switching between different service layouts is as simple as pressing a button, ensuring ease of operation for all volunteer and dedicated staff.



Leading the way with dedicated console theatre functionality and audio performance, 4REA4 expands the DiGiCo install experience providing the ultimate in personal monitoring for musicians and general purpose automation control. Now any member of the orchestra or stage ensemble can have direct pristine personal monitoring control of the live DiGiCo FOH feed, balanced and adjusted for their exact requirements including in-ear monitoring feeds. Keeping the performance on cue, 4REA4 can also provide general purpose I/O control of 3rd party hardware for all theatre automation requirements including curtains, lights and audible alarms.

External I/O

Premium external I/O units with intelligent labelling and visual feedback


Wall mounted 16 input 4 output I/O Expander

16 mic/line in and 4 line out I/O Expander using A3232 network protocol and providing fixed, additional I/O anywhere on the network.  Up to two A164WALL LCD units can be daisy-chained via A3232, or the second A3232 port can be used to create a redundant network.  All LCD labels are dimmable and can be customised using 4REA4 software.
  • Designed for Wall or Floor mounting
  • Intelligent labelling and interrogation S-LCD’s
  • Proprietary CAT5e / etherCON RJ45 connection via DiGiCo A3232 protocol
  • 16 Mic Preamps on XLR with Phantom Power status LEDs
  • 4 x XLR Line Outs
  • 2 x A3232 Port for expansion or redundancy
  • Customisable and dimmable LCD labels
More Info A164 WALL LCD


Portable 16 input 8 output IO Expander

16 mic/line in and 8 line out I/O Expander, using A3232 network protocol and providing additional I/O anywhere on the network.  Up to two A168STAGE can be daisy-chained via A3232, or the second A3232 port can be used to create redundant network.
  • 16 Mic Preamps on XLR with Phantom Power status LEDs
  • 8 XLR Line Outs
  • Proprietary CAT5e connection via new DiGiCo A3232 protocol
  • 2 x A3232 Port for expansion or redundancy
More Info A168 STAGE


GPIO Port Network Expander

The 4REA4 Customised DSP Engine has 8×8 on board GPIO ports.  You can extend the number of GPIO’s anywhere in the installation using the network-based A88GPIO.
  • Expand GPIO ports in different physical locations
  • PoE powered or External 12V PSU
  • Sits on 4REA4 Control network – standard TCP/IP
  • Compatible with standard network products
More Info A88 GPIO


4 port A3232 Network I/O Expander

The ASTAR can be used to cost effectively expand the A3232 network to local 4REA4 I/O peripherals
  • 128×128 audio channels across one cable
  • Compatible with all Layer 2 Gigabit Switches and Media Converters
  • One per 4REA4 Customised DSP Engine
  • Second ASTAR Port can be used to create a redundant network.
More Info ASTAR


Premium designed hardware control panels


The simplest 4REA4 controller features one programmable, rotary encoder with TFT Display to offer preset, volume and source management.

Easy to use, single gang wall panel featuring a programmable rotary encoder with TFT Display.  Connects to 4REA4 centralised DSP Engine over the control network and is programmed using the 4REA4 software.
  • Flush Wall / Surface Mounted
  • Dual function rotary encoder for music source selections, level control or preset recall.
  • TCP/IP and PoE Compliant
  • EU/UK (MK elements) and US (Decora) compatible form factors / faceplates
  • LCD Display


Multi-layer programmable remote control panel that can be configured as a single-zone or multi-zone remote control or personal monitoring interface.

Multi-layer programmable remote controller with TCP/IP connectivity over standard Ethernet. Six rotary encoders, six TFT display and 18 programmable keys, allowing control of 36 individual channels.  Connects to the 4REA4 centralised DSP engine control network and can be PoE powered or externally with a 12V PSU.  Ideal for room, multi-zone or personal monitoring control.
  • 6 x Push ‘n’ Turn Rotary Encoders
  • 6 Layers
  • 18 Soft Touch, Colour changing Programmable Keys
  • 6 TFT displays
  • PoE powered or external 12V PSU


Multi-layer programmable remote control panel that can be configured as a single-zone or multi-zone remote control, or compact mixing interface.

Multi-layer programmable remote controller with eight 100mm motorised faders designed specifically for accurate fader based control. Ideal if you want to set up a reduced or compact mixing interface, use for personal monitoring or for multi-zone control. There are 6 layers of control, accessed via softkeys, allowing control of 48 individual channels.
  • 8 x 100mm motorised faders
  • 6 Layers
  • 22 soft touch panel keys
  • 8 TFT displays
  • PoE+ or external 12V PSU

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