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09January 2024

DiGiCo Quantum 225, fit for a King!

Meet Aaron King from Crotchet Music, a talented audio engineer renowned for his work in gospel music. Aaron is now the proud owner of a DiGiCo Quantum 225 Digital Console, complete with a Waves upgrade purchased from DWR Distribution with more upgrades in the pipeline.

  • DiGiCo Quantum 225, fit for a King!
  • DiGiCo Quantum 225, fit for a King!

“We’ve been discussing this investment for quite some time,” beams Kyle Robson from DWR Distribution. “When it comes to emerging technology, it’s truly remarkable to witness Aaron enthusiastically embrace it. He’s always on the lookout for the latest advancements, such as being the first in South Africa to purchase a KLANG:konductor earlier this year.”

Achieving success has been a slow but consistent journey. “My interest in audio dates back to high school,” Aaron reflects, mentioning his upbringing in a church environment where he gained insights into the technical aspects. Despite studying accounting, he found himself consistently drawn to audio and the vibrant gospel scene, which constitutes a significant part of his work. Given his hands-on role as a Front of House Engineer, the DiGiCo Quantum 225 was a perfect match to meet his specific needs.

“First of all it’s an easy workflow going from studio work to the live environment, which is a big advantage for me,” says Aaron. “The other key benefit is its seamless integration with Waves and Klang.”

The Quantum 225 integrates the latest design elements introduced in 2020 with the Quantum 338, and of course, uses three large-scale seventh generation FPGAs to continue the unrivalled Quantum legacy. The console merges tried and tested workflows with immense processing muscle, daring innovation, and all the distinctive Quantum features.

Kyle excitedly remarks, “Just take a look at Aaron’s setup on the Quantum with all those screens!” Aaron has kitted his Quantum 225 with an additional screen to control and monitor the left bank of the console as well as a second touch screen for control of Waves plugins which all tours together in the DiGiCo flight case. This definitely creates a visually dynamic setup with a lot of action.”

Aaron has been a friend to DWR Distribution since 2013 when he first established Crotchet Music and we cannot wait to see what he does in the future.

Photo caption: Happy days! Aaron King from Crotchet Music with his new DiGiCo Quantum 225 pictured  with DWR’s Kyle Robson (Left).


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First of all it’s an easy workflow going from studio work to the live environment, which is a big advantage for me

Aaron King, Audio Engineer, Crotchet Music


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