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12June 2023

DiGiCo S31 brings audio finesse to 30 Euston Square

Grade II listed award-winning events venue upgrades its largest auditorium with DiGiCo S31 digital mixing console and A168D Stage Box, bringing reliable, industry-standard audio to handle the demanding requirements of live events and live streamed productions

  • DiGiCo S31 brings audio finesse to 30 Euston Square
  • DiGiCo S31 brings audio finesse to 30 Euston Square
  • DiGiCo S31 brings audio finesse to 30 Euston Square

Perfectly located near London’s King’s Cross and Euston stations, 30 Euston Square is managed by one of London’s leading hospitality providers, Searcys, and is staffed by the expert events and operations team who can help take any meeting, conference, private dining, wedding, or rooftop reception to the next level. The venue’s 300-seat tiered auditorium and exhibition space is regularly used for larger-scale conferences and exhibitions, making it essential to provide superior audio quality. To meet these demands, the 30 Euston Square team has recently upgraded its audio installation with a DiGiCo S31 digital mixing console, purchased through Adlib Audio. Chosen for its exceptional audio quality, extensive feature set, and robust construction, the S31 is the perfect fit for the venue, allowing guests to enjoy an exceptional audio experience at one of the UK’s most prominent and esteemed events venues.

As the flagship Searcys event venue with an overall capacity of 690, 30 Euston Square integrates a grand Edwardian façade and original Greek Revival architecture with modern detailing and contemporary characteristics. Ilja Gosev, AV Manager at Searcys, explains that the decision to replace the old console was driven by the need for a reliable, industry-standard solution capable of meeting the high demands of the live events and live streaming projects regularly hosted at the venue. “Our research led us to conclude the DiGiCo S31 was the best fit for us because of its exceptional audio quality, extensive feature set, and robust construction,” he says.

While visiting DiGiCo’s UK headquarters, the 30 Euston Square team conducted a comprehensive audio quality test and were very impressed with the performance of the S31. According to Gosev, the console’s advanced audio processing algorithms, high-resolution converters, and low-latency signal routing capabilities deliver a significant improvement in audio clarity and fidelity.

“The S31 boasts numerous advantages, including its Dante audio networking compatibility,” explains Gosev. “This enables us to seamlessly integrate the console into our existing audio infrastructure, providing us with the flexibility to use processors not only for the 7.1 system in the auditorium but also in the exhibition spaces.” Gosev adds that the console’s flexible routing matrix, as well as its comprehensive EQ and dynamics processing capabilities, along with a DMI-AMM card for up to 64 channels of automatic microphone mixing, enable them to achieve precise and tailored control across a wide range of inputs and outputs. In addition, the A168D Stage Box allows them to take advantage of the performance and lossless audio quality of the Dante Audio, while also providing portable remote I/O connectivity where needed. “As a result, we can easily customise the audio for each event, delivering an exceptional experience for our audiences.”

To accommodate the numerous events taking place at 30 Euston Square, Gosev and the team have developed a media server that can send video and audio signals to nearly all the commercial rooms and spaces within the venue, including over 20 meeting rooms, 40 private bedrooms, and various screens in public areas. “In addition to broadcasting camera feeds from larger spaces like the auditorium, we can now connect virtual presenters and audiences with in-person attendees, creating a realistic two-way interaction and enabling us to stream to any platform available on the market, all with excellent video and audio quality,” Gosev explains.

Commending the support the Searcys team received from DiGiCo during the transition phase from their previous console to the S31, Gosev also credits the S31’s user-friendly interface and intuitive operation as key factors that contributed to making the transition process seamless and efficient.

“The DiGiCo S31 has truly transformed our live event and live streaming capabilities,” concludes Gosev. “The console’s overall quality and user-friendly interface have empowered us to achieve an unparalleled level of audio control in the auditorium, which has resulted in great feedback from our clients. It has been a true game-changer for us, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the console’s outstanding performance.”



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The DiGiCo S31 has truly transformed our live event and live streaming capabilities

Ilja Gosev, AV Manager at Searcys


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