Purple Box

DiGiCo Purple Box is a dual channel CAT5/MADI to optical convertor for the long range transmission of MADI signals.

Purple Box

Purple Box : Overview

The DiGiCo Purple Box is a CAT5/MADI to optical convertor, primarily for the transmission of high channel count MADI signals over a long distance.  Capable of taking either a MADI or CAT5 connection from an SD or S-Series Console, or a D-Rack or D2-Rack, the Purple Box converts these MADI based signals to an optical format for transmission over fibre. Purple Box allows any combination of two MADI or D-Rack streams to be converted simultaneously.

Purple Box has 128 available channels and has completely independent I/Os convertors within the box, the only commonality being the power supplies, two of which are supplied for redundancy.

Purple Box’s standard interface is opticalCON, but it can also be ordered with ST or HMA connectors.

Purple Box High Rez Image Gallery


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