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Quantum225 Pulse

Upgrade to 96 Input channels and 48 Aux/Group Busses


*Discount available: If you received your Quantum 225 console before 31st December 2023 you are eligible for a 50% discount. Enter your serial number in the coupon area during checkout to claim your discount. Software may only be used on the console with a valid serial number inline with guidance above.


The Quantum225 brings the power of Quantum in a compact and robust worksurface.

Now you can super charge your Quantum225, taking it from 72 to 96 channels and from 36 to 48 aux/sub groups, with the new Quantum225 Pulse upgrade.

Q225 Q225 Pulse
Input Channels 72 96
Aux/Group Busses 36 48
Matrix I/O 12×12 12×12
Mustard 24 36
Nodal Processing 32 48


How it works

basket coupon input

Add Serial Number as Coupon

Add this product to your basket, and proceed to the basket or checkout page. Once here, enter your serial number into the coupon box and click apply. Procced with the purchase.

Download and Purchase Your Upgrade

Download the updated software for your console from the link below and install the update. Purchase the password for the extension you require from the shop.

Open The Enable Extensions Panel

On your console, click System, Enable Extensions

Fetch the Console Licence Number

From the top row of text take the generated licence number and along with the serial number from the rear of the console, fill in the web form on your downloads page.

Activate the Extension

Using the password generated on the shop, fill in the password box for the extension you have purchased. Then click OK & Restart to reboot your console with the extension enabled.


Before downloading this file please read and consent to the EULA.