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The SD5 was the natural fit. I love the SD5’s metering and the flexibility of the desk. On top of that, having three 12-channel banks is extremely helpful as I’m riding faders constantly while I’m hitting cues.

Dana Beaudin - Monitor Engineer - Weird Al Yankovic

“There is literally no other console I’d rather mix on,”

Mike Ward, Production Director, Seacoast Church

The show was a complete success, the DiGiCos worked perfectly throughout and we are extremely pleased that we have a very satisfied customer

Mr Eric Liew - Rightway

“We have a lot of routing, a lot of inputs and outputs—just a lot of sound,” says Poole. “Fortunately, the SD7—especially with Quantum—is a lot of console.”

Artless Poole, Jr - front-of-house engineer

The SD10 is one of the most spec’d desks in the world right now. Almost every engineer loves them and they’re impossible to keep in the warehouse. In fact, we could have sent out twice as many as we have. DiGiCo consoles are very reliable and the backup is amazing. It’s by far the best support we get anywhere.

Andy Banks - Major Tom

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