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I love its sonic invisibility, it doesn’t colour the sound. What the artist onstage is giving you is what the audience is getting - totally transparent. And when you have music this great onstage, that’s what you want your console to give you

John Kaylor, Monitor Engineer

I have had the best support, those guys really know how to do customer service

Martin Walker - FOH Engineer - Judas Priest

I am really happy with the S21 and Steve Winwood is really pleased with it, too. In fact, I used it for a series of adverts that I produced over the Christmas period and we are very much looking forward to taking it out on tour in the US later this year.

James Towler - Producer / Engineer - Steve Winwood

And the console performed great!

David O’Brien, Monitor Engineer

When it comes to choice of consoles, the SD7 wins out not just for its greater I/O capabilities but also for its second redundant engine. I have never had to use it but you just never know what is going to happen on a live show. I know that I can count on the SD7.

Toby Francis - FOH Engineer - Ariana Grande

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