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26November 2016

Stealth Core Flies Out Of DiGiCo’s Door

Since its launch on 12th July, DiGiCo’s Stealth Core 2 software has seen an incredible uptake, with a massive number of upgrades purchased in the first few weeks alone.

Since its launch on 12th July, DiGiCo’s Stealth Core 2 software has seen an incredible uptake, with a massive number of upgrades purchased in the first few weeks alone.

Stealth Core 2 is a major upgrade to the Stealth Digital Processing™ for its SD series digital mixers that delivers significantly enhanced processing from the audio core of DiGiCo SD series consoles, taking the range to a new level in terms of both processing channels and functionality.*

Available as an upgrade option for existing users and shipping as standard on new consoles, Stealth Core 2 includes an application code upgraded that delivers significantly enhanced facilities, future-proofing SD series consoles and continuing to keep DiGiCo a step ahead.

Customers have already seen the many benefits Stealth Core 2 delivers, including an updated user experience, which includes a brand new graphic interface on console screens, upgraded FPGA power delivering enhanced processing, full Dynamic EQ, DiGiTuBes and MB Dynamics on every channel and buss.

In the US, both CLAIR Global / Lititz and Eighth Day Sound are impressed with the advances, as is Canada’s Solotech.

“The release of Stealth Core 2 to the SD line up of consoles is further proof of the forward thinking of DiGiCo design,” says Tom Butson, Senior ACS / Product Design at CLAIR Global / Lititz. “To see a digital desk we’ve owned for a number of years still expanding its channel, buss and overall feature set is amazing. DiGiCo sticks by its customers and listens to what they need. The architecture of the SD consoles allows DiGiCo the flexibility and expansion to meet those needs.”

“The software upgrade was shockingly stress free and works like a charm,” adds Jason Kirschnick, Chief Operations Officer – International Operations at Eight Day Sound. “It puts more of everything I need now under the hood of my SD5, the revised look is more modern and easier on my eyes, and the upgraded channel count is now mandatory. The SD5 is currently the best console out there and clear to me that this is the console to beat moving forward.”

“The main thing for us is the gain in I/O capability,” David Brazeau from Canada’s Solotech concurs. “For instance, we have client that was asking for an SD10, we proposed him an SD8 and they gladly accepted. The buss count did not do enough in 7.60 but with Core 2, we basically doubled the aux busses, which became ideal in the IEM/wedges combinations. The other great thing is the increase in FX and dynamics. We will update all our consoles and are looking forward to the new Q7 engine for the SD7.”

South America has also seen the value of the upgrade.

“The new Core 2 software definitely brings DiGiCo to a new, unimaginable level,” John Buitrago, FOH Engineer for Columbian artist J. Balvin explains. “The fact that each of the products has had its channel count increased offers endless possibilities to projects and artists. And you only need to upgrade the software, not the hardware, in order to do that! In addition to the extra channels, the unique DiGiCo channel processes, such as the DiGiTubes and Multiband compressors, have been boosted and are now available for every channel. The new graphic interface is very friendly and intuitive. I love the way the new dynamics processors look. I can see every detail at a glance.”

“I really like the new dynamics view. It gives me a complete picture of what is going on. In fact, the entire new look of the software is so much better, especially when in daylight conditions,” adds Luis Irizarry, FOH engineer for Calle 13, Luis Fonsi, Carlos Vives amongst others. “Also, having the extra channel count offers me endless possibilities. DiGiCo is always looking for ways to prolong the return in your investment.”

“The new Stealth Core 2 software is simply lovely and works very well,” says Lucas Pinzón, Front of House Engineer for Columbian singer Maluma. “It’s so simple to set, and works amazingly.”

In the UK, Skan Audio’s Tom Tunney comments, “Stealth Core 2 has made our substantial inventory, in some cases, double in channel capacity, providing added value and longevity. Skan has always been eager to be at the forefront of product updates and Stealth core 2 enables us to provide our clients with the latest console enhancements.”

“For us as a rental company DiGiCo is safeguarding our investment whilst keeping DiGiCo consoles high on the requested on artist specs,” says Dave Shepherd of bcs.

“I think it’s great,” agrees Chris Bogg from event production company dBS Solutions. “The graphics are a lot cleaner on the dynamic and effects, the added channels and busses create much more flexibility on our larger shows. We are finding that our SD9s are doing more and more work where the input count is huge and the FOH footprint needs to be as small as it can be and Stealth Core 2 really helps us there. It’s a winner all round.”

“I am new to the DiGiCo family, but was immediately convinced that I’ve made the right investment when the Core2 update was announced for the SD9,” adds Frank Voet of Mono in Belgium. “Core 2 dramatically increases processing power, from the existing 48 channels and 24 busses to 96 channels and 48 busses, with multiband dynamics, dynamic EQs and DiGiTuBes on all inputs and outputs. I really appreciate the DiGiCo philosophy of adding horsepower to existing products every couple of years, and not changing the product line-up itself, which would devalue your previous purchase.”

In Asia, the Middle East and South Africa, praise for Stealth Core 2 is no less equivocal.

“With just a minimal charge to purchase the new Core 2 software our six-year-old SD8 suddenly became brand new – and more versatile and its capacity has been dramatically increased,” says Rex Maliuanag, Hx Pro Sounds and Lights + Video,Philippines. “Who needs to buy a new console when a simple software update can make our existing SD8 console easily outperform all comparable products on the market?  From 60 to 120 channels, 24 Flexi busses to 48 busses with no additional hardware required, just software is amazing!”

The upgrade has effectively doubled the capacity of our DiGiCo hire inventory,” adds Delta Sound, Dubai’s Al Woods. “Stealth Core 2 has enabled us to increase the hire potential of our smaller consoles by substantially increasing their input capacity.”

“Everything about Core 2 is a massive up step in the right direction,” concludes Petru Palmer of Festival Sound in South Africa. “Everything works in response better and we’ve got all the extra toys that we always ran out of – DiGiTuBes, Multibands, etc. It’s worth every cent. We’ve upgraded all our SD9s and SD11s. We’d pretty much run out of capacity, particularly on the SD11, but now there’s enough of everything we need. It means we’ve got at least another five years use out of the consoles.”

“The uptake on Stealth Core 2 has been astonishing,” says DiGiCo MD James Gordon. “We didn’t doubt that the benefits of opening up so much more capacity on our SD range of consoles would be obvious, but the level of sales has surprised even us.”

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* SD7 Quantum 7 Engine upgrade will be available next year.


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