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DiGiCo Quantum 225 at centre of precision upgrade for ultimate streamlined touring solution

Predominately working alone this ‘One Man touring solution’ enables Marynissen to deliver high-end results with a tiny footprint, both physically, environmentally and economically. Marynissen specialises in amplifying acoustic instruments for jazz and classical music with his attention focused on delivering the highest quality auditory experience for the audience. Utilising top quality equipment means that Marynissen […]

DiGiCo Quantum 225, fit for a King!

“We’ve been discussing this investment for quite some time,” beams Kyle Robson from DWR Distribution. “When it comes to emerging technology, it’s truly remarkable to witness Aaron enthusiastically embrace it. He’s always on the lookout for the latest advancements, such as being the first in South Africa to purchase a KLANG:konductor earlier this year.” Achieving […]

Quantum Theory – Potters Resort’s busy programme relies on DiGiCo

Already an established DiGiCo user (the theatre at their original site in Hopton On Sea features an SD10), following consultation with Autograph Sound the company chose two DiGiCo consoles for the new facility, a Quantum 338 for FOH and a Quantum 225 for stage monitoring. Autograph subsequently supplied the two consoles plus two SD Racks […]

Rain or Shine, DiGiCo’s Quantum225 Mixes Shows at Beshore Performance Hall

JOPLIN, Missouri – June 2023 – No, Joplin, Missouri wasn’t named for ragtime genius Scott Joplin, though even the city’s website acknowledges that common misconception. But JoMo, as some call it, still has plenty of musical heft to it, and it now has even more, with last November’s opening of the new $19-million, 37,000-square-foot Harry […]

South Africa’s Sound Stylists reacts to industry trend with DiGiCo Quantum 225 investment

The timing was certainly right. Business has been good for Sound Stylists, the company has enough work to not overextend itself, but Glover has always kept ahead making sure his equipment stays relevant. “We had many SD consoles, but I noticed that everyone was going the Quantum route,” Glover explains. “We were fortunate to sell […]

Switchable set up for DiGiCo consoles on tour with Creeper

“I’ve worked with other bands in the heavy metal genre, such as Bleed from Within and Sylosis, and I started with Creeper earlier this year,” explains their FOH engineer, Rory Doherty. “Career wise, I cut my teeth using DiGiCo, as one of the first venues I worked at in Glasgow had a DiGiCo S series […]

DiGiCo Quantum225 Consoles Get Sound for The Manhattan Transfer’s 50th Anniversary & Final World Tour Up and Running

MINNEAPOLIS , Minnesota – November 2022 – It’s a unique moment in the music-touring business right now. A combination of pandemic exigencies and shortages means tours often have to be ready to move at a moment’s notice. That was the case for the first week-plus of theater dates in the Midwest to kick off The […]

DiGiCo’s Quantum technology delivers excellent performance and sound brilliance to Seongnam-si Atrium

Following a ground breaking ceremony in March 2019, the name Seongnam Atrium was confirmed in November 2019 through a contest to name the venue and a preference survey of Seongnam-si’s citizens. The name means the central garden of an ancient Roman house and denotes a creative culture and arts space that connects with the citizens. […]

Popular Israeli TV talent show upgrades to DiGiCo Quantum 338

Running since 2013, the format of the interactive series was unique in the genre of reality talent shows, using a celebrity panel to provide critical analysis whilst voting is cast in real time by the viewing public. Between season 2 and 7, the winner was also given the opportunity to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song […]

Super-Cool Belgian Venue Adds DiGiCo Quantum 225 For Value, Versatility And Performance

The venue presents music from all genres, but the programme mainly consists of rock and metal, hiphop, soul and jazz with little commercial material. It is also a multifunctional facility with spaces for live performance, recording  / production, workshops, rehearsals and a 700-capacity club room which has recently been upgraded with the addition of a […]


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